Piercing Aftercare

Average Healing Times

Belly Button 2-3 months

Earlobe 4-6 weeks

Eyebrow 2-3 months

Helix/Cartilage 6-9 months

Lip 2-3 months

Nipple 9-12 months

Nostril 2-3 months

Oral 4-6 weeks

Septum 6-8 month

Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Oral Piercing Aftercare Instructions

Oral hygiene must be maintained while any piercing inside the mouth is healing. However, if you use a mouthwash that is too strong it will prolong the healing process. Choose an alcohol-free mouth wash like Crest Pro-Health, Colgate Advanced Care, or a saline solution. Rinse with cool bottled water after meals, snacks, or smoking. 

Tips & Tricks

BELLY BUTTON - Avoid having tight clothing like waistbands rubbing on your piercing. 

EAR & FACIAL - Avoid getting hairspray and other styling products on your piercing. Clean your telephone often and avoid using unclean phones. Avoid sleeping with wet hair, the moisture can lead to complications. Use the T-Shirt Technique...wrap your pillow in a clean shirt each night before going to bed. 

NIPPLE - Sleep in a clean tight fitting shirt or sports bra.

ORAL - Avoid oral contact or contact with other people's bodily fluids, sucking thick beverages, hot or spicy foods, chewing gum, fingernails or tobacco, and smoking. If you are a smoker, rinse your mouth with cold bottled water afterwards. Gently suck on ice for the first few days to reduce swelling. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products like Ibprofen can also reduce swelling. Replace your tooth brush once you get a new oral piercing & brush your tongue and jewelry (gently) to prevent plaque build up. Come back for jewelry downsizing at the end of your initial healing period once swelling subsides. Failure to downsize the length of the jewelry post increases chances of tooth and gum damage.