Scottie Morgan

Tattoo Artist

Born in Houston, Texas, Scottie has been tattooing for over 15 years. He specializes in line work, pulling those crispy lines. From the shop, guest spots, & conventions to chasing his 3 kids around, Scottie is always on the go! In his words, he is "your favorite tattoo artist's favorite tattoo artist." 

Scottie is available by appointment only Thursday - Tuesday 12pm - 8pm for custom & flash tattoos!

Amber Zvorsky

Piercing, Tooth Gem & Tattoo/Microblading Artist

Amber, a Schuylkill County native, specializes in children/adult piercings, microblading, & tooth gems. Right hand man to Scottie, she travels the country doing guest spots and conventions as well. When Amber is not preforming one of her specialty services or showing up the boys with her floral pieces, she is at home with her 2 young kids cooking dinner and doing homework. She is a girl's girl who can make anyone comfortable in her chair. 

Amber is available by appointment only Friday - Sunday 11am-7pm & Mondays 11am-3pm for microblading, piercings, tattoos & tooth gems! 

jason (Wicki)

Tattoo Artist

Jason (Wicki), your typical Big Tattooed Teddybear, specializes in spooky & custom illustrative pieces. When Jason isn't tattooing or busy with his autobody career he is at home spending time with his expectant wife! 

At this time, he is available by appointment only Monday-Friday 6pm-8pm & Saturdays 10am-8pm for custom & flash tattoos!